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Bear 9 (Back Nine)

Hole 10, Par 3

The Bear Nine begins with a Par 3 of only 155 yards; the prevailing winds can make it feel longer.  A large bunker protects the front left of the green, so the best play is either to the front half of the green, or even short to give you an uphill chip. If the pin in in the back, take the par and move on because if you are brave or foolhardy enough to play from the “black tees” on this nine, it’ll soon become apparent why this course is called the “Bear”.
Hole 11, Par 4

The first of 6 consecutive Par 4s is a 390-yard hole from the Black tees and 340 from the Blue or White tees.  Two left side bunkers on the drive keep you honest, as does the tree-lined right side.  The challenge on this hole is not reaching the green in 2, it’s keeping it in the right position. This green is long, narrow, turtle-backed and tough to read.  Many a three putt can be had if you aren't careful.
Hole 12, Par 4

A 90 degree, 350-yard dogleg left is where the “Bear 9” really begins to shows her teeth.  The safe play is to hit to the corner in the neighborhood of the 150-yard marker, or if you get highly aggressive you can cut off as much of the corner as you dare, but make sure you clear the water that is partially blind off the tee. A challenging approach shot is into an elevated green that has water short left and mounding that tends to reject your ball if not landed on the putting surface.  Don't poke the Bear!!
Hole 13, Par 4

A dogleg that mirrors the 12th, this dogleg right is a tough 410 yard Par 4 from the Black tees, and a comfortable 375 from the Blue-White tees.  A good drive could go a long way to surviving this hole because a small dangerous green make this a hole that par is something to be very happy with.
Hole 14, Par 4

Heading back into the deep woods of Kahnawake, the 14th is a slight dogleg right, measuring 410 yards from the Black tees and a modest 360 yards from the Blue-White tees.  A large bunker frames the right side of the fairway and will make the 2nd shot difficult should you find it off the tee.  A tree lined fairway with water on the left guarding a large green which is not only well protected but full of dips and bends, so a two putt is again a feat you can be very happy with.

Hole 15, Par 4

The Caughnawaga Golf Club's signature hole, it exemplifies what the Bear Nine is all about; quiet, pristine, beautiful, gorgeous, easy on the eyes but potentially extremely dangerous.  The challenge for you begins when you step on the tee, as it is a massively tree lined 450-yard par 4, with the prevailing winds in your face, an old, large, drift wood infested lake on the left that adds an eerie but beautiful atmosphere to the hole. Many expert players will play it as a Par 5 and run. 

Deep forest left, deep forest right, accuracy is paramount over distance, but distance combined with accuracy is nice here.  The green is bunker protected on both left and right.  If you are playing a match against a friend and you are down, this hole has the potential to help you get right back in the game.  Just remember, when being chased by a bear, you don't need to outrun the bear, just outrun your friends!!

Hole 16, Par 4

The last of the 6 consecutive par 4’s, this hole begins at the farthest part of the Club as you begin your journey to the home hole and the safety of the Clubhouse.  A shortish 355 yards from the Black tees, 345 from the Blue-White tees, the forest left and deep woods right almost force you to lay up the corner of the dogleg right, to leave a shorter iron to this tree protected green. 

If you are one of the many super long hitters we have at the CGC you can try to blast it over and past the trees, but machismo more often than not can get you in a lot of trouble here. This hole is reminiscent of the tree tunneled “Harbour Town Golf Links”, if played right can it give you a breather after the Bear is done chasing you, if not, it can have teeth. A great short par 4

Hole 17, Par 3

Wow!  A Par 3!! With your knees wobbly from the previous challenges, the Black tees offer another massive challenge, for this 210-yard shot from the black tees is another hole to test your game.  The green has a bunker left and a large falloff section for any shot short and/or right, making any chip a true test or your creativity and your touch, not an easy par.
Hole 18, Par 5

Coming home is the Par 5 18th, measuring 535 yards from the Black-Blue tees and only 495 yards from the Whites with the prevailing winds in your back. If you’ve survived, swing away and get your best drive of the day, giving you a chance to reach this large green in two!  Just beware the water on the left on your 2nd shot.  We have seen this pond gobble up golf balls, putters, even a set of clubs or two!!  The large flat green will give you the chance to finish the round with a great score.  What better way to end your round than with a birdie!!




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