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9 hole Golf Course
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Wolf 9 (Front Nine)

Opened in 1967 the 27 hole Caughnawaga Golf Club has had a few years to mature into what it has become today. Generally played with the “The Wolf & The Bear” making up the 18 Hole course, it has evolved into an outstanding golf facility that has become a favorite of the Montreal area public golfer and of out of town visitors to the province.

The “Parkland Style” layout is maintained and designed with playability and enjoyment in mind, clean wooded areas let the golfer play golf instead of looking for balls all day, shot value and conditioning are the hallmarks of the CGC. The Management and Owners all being golfers themselves give the CGC the attention and care required to consistently produce a fine golf course year after year. “What matters to you, matters to us”!

Hole 1, Par 5

The Golf Course starts with a 485 yard Par 5, as with the entire course, don’t let the yardage fool you. Trees on either side of the fairway and a hazard on the left, you can get a little wild at the start and survive, but trees will definitely be a factor on your second shot.  The drive is framed by two large bunkers placed in the landing area on either side of the fairway.  Long hitters will have to give some thought about just keeping it in play. The fun begins with the undulated and sloped, two tiered green. Two deep bunkers in the front and a severe drop off in the back.  Par is a good start, birdie can be had but be careful, many a golfer have started with something much bigger. A very good starting hole.


Hole 2, Par 4

The 2ND  hole plays 395 yards from the Black tees, and 350 from the Blues and Whites.  The fairway is hilly and can result in an approach shot with a less than perfect stance.  Slicers can spray, but the second shot will have tall mature trees to deal with, left is not good.  The well-shaded green has a large back to front slope so going short on your approach is fine, but being above the hole will give you a putting challenge.
Hole 3, Par 4

A dogleg right off the tee to a hilly fairway, 380 yards from the Blue tees. If you are feeling adventurous, the Black Tees are a full 420 yards.  This is a great driving hole with deep dense forest along the left side so our left-handed friends with a slice need to be careful. The approach shot is to a deceptively and benign looking green, solo bunker on the front left can be trouble, breaks in this green are tougher to read than you think. Long is not the where you want to put your to the green shot, a short right leave is a good play here.
Hole 4, Par 3

The first Par 3 of the Nine is an real good looking one, 170 yards from the Blue/White tees and 191 from the black.  This hole looks longer because of the down slope/up slope, but trust the distance.  There is a pond in play for severe mishits, and a nice change has the left side bunkers changed from one large flat bunker to 2 smaller pot bunkers.  The result is a more playable golf hole and a less intimidating look at the green.  Be very happy with a Par.

Hole 5, Par 5

The 5th Hole is proof that choices can get you in trouble. The Black and Blue tees are 485 yards, White Tees are 445 yards, again don’t be fooled. A large pond on the left side off the tee forces your first decision, lay up or sneak a driver in the gap. The hole doglegs hard left from there and if you stayed dry once, beware as there is another decision to be made as there is a second lake protecting the green. Most players lay up and have a challenging and fun pitch to an interesting green with many devilish pin positions. During the summer we will hear of many birdies, a few eagles, some double-digit scores and some very interesting vocabulary.


Hole 6, Par 3

More challenge awaits here, the 6th hole is our island green.  Inspired from the famous 17th green at TPC Sawgrass, this short 100-131 yard Par 3 is a very intimidating shot that generally plays into the wind. A well played shot that lands on the 2-tiered green can not only result in a birdie, or even an Ace, but also can get you bragging rights with your buddies. A very fun shot!

Hole 7, Par 4

A short Par 4 of only 300 yards, a great risk reward hole, some can get aggressive to drive the green, but there is water both left and right. Add a ball-eating pot bunker covering the front right of the green makes for a good little par 4. Once you are on the green the reads can once again be tougher than they look. Playing smart is always your best bet.

Hole 8, Par 3

The third and final Par 3 of the Nine is the 160 yard 8th.  Slightly uphill and once again in the face of the prevailing winds, you need a solid contact to get close to this smallish sized green which guarded by a bunker on the right side and a mound on the left.
Hole 9, Par 4

We end the Wolf 9 with a long Par 4 of 425 from the Black tees, 405 from the Blue/White.  The prevailing winds are behind you so you will get some extra distance on your tee shots. Tree lined on both sides, you must commit to not only your drive but your second shot as well. Water is a factor throughout the hole leading up to the green, which is overlooked by the Clubhouse veranda. This is your chance to end your opening nine to the applause of the gallery.



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